NEW YORK – “I’M WITH THE PERV,” screams today’s New York Post headline. The accompanying photos show Donald J. Trump and the accused child molester Roy Moore.

There are those who despise the Alabama Senate candidate. And there are those who see him as their hope for the future of the nation.

We promise to annoy both camps.

Media Feeding Frenzy

In the current media feeding frenzy over the swinish and sometimes illegal behavior of public figures, Mr. Moore stands out.

If you believe his accusers, he distinguishes himself by sexually targeting very young girls.

“There ought to be a law that protects underage girls from full-grown male predators,” you say.

And indeed, there is.

If the charges could be proven, and were not blocked by a statute of limitations, Mr. Moore could do time for soliciting a minor, corrupting the morals of a minor, child molestation, or some such offense.

Mr. Moore would know better than we; he has been on the public payroll practically all his life, enforcing some laws and breaking others.

We don’t blame him; most of our laws are foolish or crooked, often both.

We exceed the speed limit when we think we can get away with it… and we use the Census form for starting a fire in the kitchen. We’re tempted to take up smoking, too.

But we aren’t running for public office, and we don’t provide a model for anyone but ourselves.

Egregious Lapse

The separation of church and state is one of the most important innovations in the U.S. Constitution.

Mr. Moore gets in trouble because he seems unable to understand it… or at any rate, enforce it.

This lapse is so egregious that Judge Moore was removed from the Alabama bench – twice.

In other words, he was guilty of treason and misfeasance: failing to uphold its laws as he had sworn – on the Bible! – to do.

Normally, faithlessness toward the feds would be no disgrace in our book.

Sedition, subversion, mutiny, contempt – all are underrated. Far from disqualifying him from public office, they should be encouraged.

As for his apparent looting of a tax-exempt charity… or even his alleged chasing after young girls in the Gadsden Mall 30 years ago – none of these things, unless proven, should bar him from the Senate.

To the contrary, they will help him fit in…

Bombastic Stupidity

No completely honest man would want to run for the Senate; by this measure, Mr. Moore is more suited to the job than most.

Plus, he seems to have more than his share of the quality that is held in the highest esteem by the electorate – bombastic stupidity.

But such is the state of play in modern public life.

A man can be a traitor to the Republic, a scoundrel, an ignoramus, a killer, a flaming jackass, a publicity-seeking humbug… with no poetry in his soul… no generosity in his heart… no grace in his actions… no sense of humor… and (the biggest failing) no humility…

…but let him pinch the wrong bottom at the wrong time, and his career could be over.

Would Mr. Moore make a good senator or a bad one?

Who knows?

What makes the man interesting to us is that he is prepared not only to betray the courts, the state of Alabama, and the U.S. Constitution… but also God Himself.

Absurd Vanity

“Take not the Lord thy God’s name in vain,” it reads on the 5,000-pound Ten Commandments monument Mr. Moore installed in the rotunda of the Alabama Supreme Court.

Moore says he will bring “knowledge of God” to Washington… that he will “put God back in the public square.”

What more absurd vanity is there?

First, Mr. Moore has no more “knowledge” of God than anyone else – including the 535 current members of Congress. God is a mystery to us all.

Second (talk about vanity!), does Roy Moore think he has God collared, like a cocker spaniel… and can put Him where he wants Him?

If God wanted to be in Washington, D.C., He wouldn’t need Roy Moore or a ticket on the Acela Express. He goes where He wants.

Third, what makes Roy Moore think that God would want anything to do with him or Washington?

Swamp Law or God’s Law?

We regard it as unlikely.

The Gospels and the Scripture support us. Jesus was asked, directly, about going to Washington…

And the Devil taking him up into a high mountain showed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time…

And the Devil said unto him, “All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them; for that is delivered unto me: and to whomsoever I will give it.

“If thou wilt worship me, all shall be thine.”

And Jesus answered and said unto him, “Get thee behind me, Satan.”

Who offers political power in this Gospel passage?

Not God. Not the voters. Not the Constitution or the law of the land. Instead, the Devil says clearly that Washington belongs to him.

Christians know you have to make a choice. It’s either God or the Devil. Not both. Roy Moore has made his choice.

And if voters put him in office, he will stand before God and Man, put his hand on the Bible and swear to uphold the laws of the swamp, not the laws of Moses or Jesus.

And then, most likely, he will betray them all.




CURRENCY INSIGHT: A Test for the Buck

By Jeff Clark, Editor, Delta Report

The dollar is facing an important test.

The U.S. Dollar Index ($USD) bottomed in early September. It then went on to gain more than 4% over the next two months.

Now… a 4% gain may not seem like much in the world of stocks. But for a currency, that’s a tremendous move higher.

Since the start of November, though, the dollar has been under pressure. It’s down 1%, and the chart appears to have broken its bullish pattern of higher highs and higher lows.

Take a look…


$USD broke below the rising (red) support line last week. The next support is the 50-day moving average (MA) line just below at $93.33.

Dollar bulls need this level to hold. Otherwise, the buck is likely headed back down to retest its September low.

Of course, this chart is important to gold traders, too. Gold and the dollar tend to move in opposite directions (that’s not necessarily true for gold stocks and the dollar – which we’ve discussed before).

So, while dollar bulls are hoping for support to hold up, gold bulls are looking for a breakdown.

For the moment, we have to give the dollar the benefit of the doubt. Since the buck is trading above its 50-day MA, the momentum is still bullish. Support is likely to hold – at least on the first test. And the dollar is likely to bounce soon.

But if that bounce fails to rally the dollar above the early-November high, and instead rolls over again from a lower high, then look out below. We’ll have a new downtrend in place.

That increases the odds of the dollar breaking support sometime in December. And that – logically – increases the chances of a year-end rally in gold.

– Jeff Clark

P.S. While a year-end gold rally would be profitable for gold stock investors, my Delta Report subscribers will do even better…

And it’s all thanks to a “secret key” I discovered on March 2, 2000, when I turned what was nearly a devastating loss into an absolute fortune.

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In the mailbag, the conversation on taxes continues

Dr. Ben Carson suggested it during his presidential campaign. I had the same percentage in mind in 1968. 10% flat tax for everyone, for every company. No deductions. We still need to have a plan for those who cannot work, or find something to generate a legal income. We would be almost free of lobbyists and the pain of an unexplainable tax code.

No one can figure it out and payers cannot rely on what those in the IRS tell them. They get an exemption! IRS employees also apparently get an exemption from paying taxes, according to what we learned during the Obama administration.

Keep writing. It is appreciated.

– Carl M.

Meanwhile, bitcoin remains a popular subject

After people have finished speculating on bitcoin, use those gains to buy gold coins. In other words, use bitcoin and the other cryptos to acquire real assets – a logistics provider connecting the ephemeral with the actual. Thanks for all your fascinating ideas.

– Richard A.

All this talk of cryptocurrencies is boring, boring, and boring. Here’s my prediction: It will end in tears, just like any other quicksand adventure, with nothing backing it but dreams.

– Alan W.


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