The Doom Index, which tracks eleven key economic indicators, tells us the real health of the U.S. economy… and warns us when it’s overheating.

The Doom Index is updated quarterly by the Bonner & Partners research team

To find out more about the indicators they track, read our Introducing the Doom Index! special report.

Archive of Doom Index Updates

Date Diary Doom Index Level
Feb 28, 2019 Our Third Bold Prediction 7
Oct 27, 2018 An Update on the Doom Index 6
Aug 4, 2018 Here’s What the “Doom Index” Is Telling Us Now… 6
April 25, 2018 Rejecting Tradition Created a Monster 7
April 19, 2018 Why Deficits “Don’t Matter” 7
Jan 18, 2018 An “Extreme Warning” From Our Doom Index 7
Oct 26, 2017 Is Your ZIP Code Killing You? 5
Sept 15, 2017 Doom Index Issues “Extreme Warning” 7
July 26, 2017 Our Doom Index Is Heating Up… 6
May 22, 2017 Introducing Our Doom Index 5