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Bill’s Five Biggest Ideas of 2015

There was no shortage of big – and often controversial – ideas from Bill in 2015.   But here are the year’s five most popular issues of Bill Bonner’s Diary.   Please enjoy these essays and feel free to forward them to friends and family.   Literally, Your ATM Won’t Work   Our financial system […]

Bill Bonner's Diary

Are You Ready for the Ban on Cash?

Not much to report from the financial markets. And things seem to have settled down in our hometown...

Bill Bonner's Diary

A Bearish Nightmare…

The “big three” US stock market benchmarks – the S&P 500, the Dow and the Nasdaq – are at...

Bill Bonner's Diary

How Janet Yellen’s Latest Swindle Works

In truth, the Fed sees only what it wants to see: that its policies are saving the world from...

Bill Bonner's Diary

How Our Crazy Money System Works

We’ve tried medication. We’ve tried prayer. We’ve tried heavy drinking – all in an effort to understand how our...

Bill Bonner's Diary

These “Control Freak” Economists Have It All Wrong

So, let’s turn our attention to that rare phenomenon: real intellectual progress.