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Bill’s Five Biggest Ideas of 2015

There was no shortage of big – and often controversial – ideas from Bill in 2015.   But here are the year’s five most popular issues of Bill Bonner’s Diary.   Please enjoy these essays and feel free to forward them to friends and family.   Literally, Your ATM Won’t Work   Our financial system […]

Bill Bonner's Diary

Why Hillary Won’t Win the White House

Dow up 93 points yesterday, after the Greeks and their creditors set a new deadline for a deal to...

Bill Bonner's Diary

Our New Friend, al-Qaeda

Nothing much to report in the financial news… Gold rose 2% yesterday – or about $20 an ounce –...

Bill Bonner's Diary

Would a Drone Strike on Congress Be a Bad Thing?

Walking along the Port Royal in Paris, we came across the statue of a dashing soldier. Sword in hand,...

Bill Bonner's Diary

The Index of Evil

Today, we’re introducing our new Index of Evil…But first a quick look at what our proprietary stock market indicator...

Bill Bonner's Diary

Why I’m Looking Forward to the Next Big Crash

Our beef with our own generation is not that it failed, but that it succeeded too well. It took...