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How Low Can Gold Go?

Yesterday, we took the train from Paris to Zurich, passing through the valley of the Rhone... past castles... medieval churches... lazy, picturesque rivers... quaint villages... to Lyon... Basel... and then skirting the Alps and lakes to Zurich. The scenery was remarkably beautiful. But the most remarkable thing we saw wasn't outside the train car; it was in it.

Bill Bonner's Diary

Why the Sell-Off in Gold is Good News

No market goes up without a correction. Speculators typically get ahead of themselves. They need to be slapped around...

Bill Bonner's Diary

All Hell Breaks Loose!

Yesterday, it felt like all hell was breaking loose. It was the kind of day when each man looked...

Bill Bonner's Diary

The End of the Road

US stocks are turning down this morning, following news that private-sector job growth in the US slowed the most...

Bill Bonner's Diary

Too Tired to Think

On Sunday night, we returned from a two-day horseback trip up into the Argentine mountains. After 18 hours of...

Bill Bonner's Diary

The Grandest Larceny of All Time

Gold seems to be coming back fast. It rose $38 per ounce yesterday. Of course, the Fed's monetary meddling...