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Bill’s Five Biggest Ideas of 2015

There was no shortage of big – and often controversial – ideas from Bill in 2015.   But here are the year’s five most popular issues of Bill Bonner’s Diary.   Please enjoy these essays and feel free to forward them to friends and family.   Literally, Your ATM Won’t Work   Our financial system […]

Bill Bonner's Diary

What We Learned over Dinner from a Swiss Central Banker

Today… what we learned over dinner from a surprisingly smart central banker. But first, to the markets… The Dow...

Bill Bonner's Diary

Are You Ready for the Ban on Cash?

Not much to report from the financial markets. And things seem to have settled down in our hometown...

Bill Bonner's Diary

Exactly When the Fed Will Launch QE4

Households have less money to spend than they did 15 years ago. And companies cannot make money just by...

Bill Bonner's Diary

Planet Debt

Well, there's the bounce. The Dow up 181 points yesterday. Gold off $3 an ounce. The end will come...

Bill Bonner's Diary

If This Is Success, Then Give Us Failure!

The Dow fell 49 points yesterday. Gold fell $5 an ounce. Nothing proven one way or t’other. But the...