The Near Future Report

The Near Future Report is an investment advisory focused on identifying: not the trends of the next five years… not the trends of the next decade…

But the trends of today – those right around the corner and at the point of mass adoption.

Editor Jeff Brown is a high-technology executive and investor with a 25-year career. He’s worked on many of the most exciting technologies over the last three decades, including wireless and broadcasting technology, high-speed networking, semiconductors, and cybersecurity.

He has a 25-year track record of turning profits on the next big wave of trends, whether it’s artificial intelligence, emerging biotech, or 3D printing.

In that long timespan, he’s built early-stage startups… run organizations generating hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenues…

And as an angel investor in pre-IPO companies, he has more than doubled his money several times over.
With each monthly issue of The Near Future Report, you’ll see Jeff’s knack for identifying companies at the doorstep of exponential growth. He’ll tell you everything you need to know about the most innovative trends out there. He’ll also spotlight new technologies he’s tracking. And, most importantly, he’ll give you easy-to-follow recommendations for generating solid profits from emerging trends.

Publication’s Editor

Jeff Brown is a high-technology executive with 25 years of experience. And that’s helped make him successful at identifying...

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