For the first time ever, Bill is opening the door and giving readers access to his secret “brain trust” of experts around the world – a close circle of advisors developed over nearly 40 years in financial publishing.

Bonner & Partners Inner Circle is a new service that highlights his network’s very best strategic thinking, analysis, and investment research, all compiled in one easy-to-read weekly memo.

For most folks, it’s virtually impossible to get a clear understanding of what’s really going on and how you can protect yourself.

Wall Street traders spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on research and strategic intelligence. Most folks can’t afford that… and good luck getting the real story from CNBC… or the Wall Street Journal… or the “blogosphere”…

As Bill puts it, watching the mainstream news is a bit like watching a bad opera. You can tell from all the shrieking that something very important is happening. But you’re missing the plot entirely…

That’s why he has built this group of experienced, intelligent, and outspoken investment experts – to explain what is going on and show you how you can protect yourself and profit.

Many of these experts are based here in the U.S. But we also have teams in London, Paris, Bonn, Madrid, Beijing, Mumbai, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Johannesburg, and Melbourne.

When events unfold around the world, we tap our network’s extensive connections in the arenas of politics, business, finance, and research to give you the information you need to build and protect your wealth.

From high-yield investments to emerging markets, to aggressive resource and commodity plays… our people are on the ground, examining them firsthand and finding the best opportunities, wherever they are.

Every week in the Inner Circle, we go through each report, research note, and recommendation, and put the best in one easy-to-read briefing. You get only the very top ideas, delivered directly to your inbox.

This is quite possibly the only financial research advisory newsletter in the world with such a widespread network of well-connected insiders.

Up until now, only Bill has had access to this group’s wealth of knowledge and experience. But with the launch of Inner Circle, we’re making these ideas and insights available to you.

Publication’s Editor

Chris began his career as a commodities and energy markets analyst for the international news agency Reuters. And as an investigative reporter, he went on to cover the “Celtic Tiger” real estate boom and bust in the Irish economy.

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