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Chris Mayer’s Focus is an investment research service for serious investors only.

It’s designed to help you build a small, concentrated portfolio of stocks with the potential to return 100 times your money.

The method behind Chris Mayer’s Focus is based on Chris’s study of the 365 stocks that returned 100 to 1 or more, between 1962 and 2014.

Chris spent over $138,000 and hired a team of analysts to help him put these stocks under the microscope.

And he discovered many of them shared predictive traits in their early stages – “fingerprints” that he now uses to identify the small stocks of today that could become the biggest stock market winners of tomorrow.

As you may know, editor Chris Mayer is one of the most successful analysts in the history of Agora.

According to an independent audit by the Alpha Performance Verification Service in Richmond, VA, between 2004 and 2014:

Chris beat the market 3-to-1…

He beat Carl Icahn, David Einhorn and the book value of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway by as much as 2-to-1…

And every $100,000 invested in his ideas had the chance to grow into $480,000…

During 2008 – the worst financial crisis in recent history – Chris actually gave his subscribers the chance to bag a 40% return.

And over that time frame he delivered stocks that returned 41%… 114%… even 269% in as little as three months.

Over the years, has been a regular on CNN, CNBC, Forbes on Fox, Fox Business, RT TV, and has even contributed to The Washington Post.

And now, in Chris Mayer’s Focus, you get to join his inner circle and gain access to his best investment ideas.

What makes Chris Mayer’s Focus different to Bonner Private Portfolio?

In Bonner Private Portfolio, Chris recommends larger stocks he believes are good to invest in if you already have a lot of money, and want to grow your money safely but surely.

In this new project however, Chris shares a strategy much closer to the way he personally invests.

He looks for small and mid-cap stocks, with the potential for much greater growth.

A strategy he believes could see you increase your gains 1,000% or more.

Chris likes to think of Chris Mayer’s Focus more as a private investment research club than your typical investment newsletter…

A club where he shares his very best ideas with a small “inner circle.”

Every month, Chris will tap into his international network of high-level contacts – including dozens of money managers around the world – in search of investment ideas that meet his exacting criteria.

On top of sharing insights from his contacts, Chris will run background checks on CEOs and CFOs, travel thousands of miles to conduct interviews and boots on the ground research – in places most other analysts simply never go…

In short, Chris will do everything in his power to unearth the small stocks of today that could become the biggest stock market winners of tomorrow.

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