Postcards From the Fringe

Constant Surveillance Doesn’t Bother the Chinese

There are cameras everywhere in China, even in private areas. And locals are fine with them…
stock market crash

Chinese Banks Are Collapsing From the Construction Boom

The past 7 weeks, I’ve been doing a casual boots-on-the-ground assessment of China’s economy.

Prepare for “Stagflation” by Owning Gold and Silver

This is probably the most contrarian, most underpriced risk in the markets right now…

Traveling Around the World Is the Best Thing We’ve Done for Our Kids’ Education

This trip teaches the kids skills they wouldn’t learn in any school…

Beijing Property Prices Are Falling

We met with some English-speaking real estate experts. The biggest takeaway was simple…

Visit the Part of the Great Wall of China Where Tourists Don’t Frequent

We chose a “wild” section of the wall. It was just as the sentries left it 300 years ago.

Our Family of 5 Traveled 100 Miles by Bus for $16

We’re independent travelers. We make our way from place to place without using tour companies.