Postcards From the Fringe

Global Financial System Shows Signs of Trouble as Repo Rates Spike

There aren’t enough dollars in the system, and the situation keeps getting worse…

The City of Eternal Spring

We arrived in Kunming yesterday by high-speed train. The train covered the 441 miles from Nanning in four hours.

It’s All or Nothing

We get this question everywhere we go: What do we do about school for our kids?

Welcome to Postcards From the Fringe

As you read this, we’re probably on a long bus ride to some new city... or in a cheap...

Crossing Into China by Foot

We took a bus from Hanoi to the Chinese border. Then crossed the border on foot…

What’s Next for Gold When More Countries Weaken Their Currencies

I can’t help seeing the world in terms of gold since we made gold our “home” currency.

A Rare Bear Market 20 Years in the Making

If my hypothesis is correct and we ARE in a valuations bear market, the prescription is simple...