Our Partners

The following are several of our affiliates whom we respect, trust, and admire. Bonner & Partners does not receive compensation for mentioning their companies in our editorial content.

Palm Beach Research Group

Tom DysonWhen founders Tom Dyson and Mark Ford launched the Palm Beach Research Group in 2011, their central mission was simple: help readers get richer every single year.

They combined Tom’s experience in the financial markets with Mark’s success as a serial entrepreneur to create a comprehensive wealth-building service – giving subscribers useful advice about making money, investing, and living well.

Mark Ford“Our core goal is simple: to show our readers how to achieve financial independence… by choosing conservative, long-term investment strategies… by avoiding certain ‘wealth stealers,’ and by thinking about wealth in broader terms than just money,” Tom says.

Their publications include The Palm Beach Letter, Creating Wealth, MegaTrends Investing, Palm Beach Current Income, Wealth Builders Club, and more…

If you’re interested in safe, long-term wealth-building ideas, we recommend taking a look at their work: http://palmbeachgroup.com.

Casey Research

Doug CaseyFor more than a quarter of a century, legendary speculator Doug Casey and his research team have been helping investors take advantage of market dislocations – generally created by governments trying to “fix” the economy.

“We are believers in the free markets and understand the fundamental reality that the more a government interferes in a market, the more likely there will be unintended consequences… negative for the inattentive but potentially very positive for the aware,” he says.

Doug literally wrote the book on profiting from periods of economic turmoil. His book Crisis Investing spent multiple weeks as #1 on the New York Times bestseller list and became the bestselling financial book of 1980. He followed it with half a dozen more highly acclaimed books, continuing to challenge statism and advocate liberty and free markets.

Casey Research is particularly well-known for its analysis of natural resource and energy investments. Its publications include The Casey Report, International Speculator, Casey Resource Investor, Extraordinary Technology, Going Global, and Crisis Investing.

If you’re interested in the energy sector or crisis investing, we recommend checking out their work: www.caseyresearch.com.

Stansberry Research

With more than two dozen analysts and readers in 100 countries, Stansberry Research is one of the most respected providers of financial analysis.

It was founded by Porter Stansberry in 1999 and has services that focus on dividend investing, value investing, short-selling and options trading, fixed income strategies, energy and precious metals, biotech and medical technologies, and more. It also produces two free e-letters, two financial radio shows, and a free news aggregate service.

Stansberry’s many advisories don’t espouse any single investment strategy or philosophy. But they do share a commitment to minimizing risk and a contrarian bias for investments that are “unloved, ignored, or unknown.”

In Porter’s words, “We only publish analysts whose advice and strategies we’d want our own families to read and to follow.”

Publications include Porter’s flagship newsletter, Stansberry’s Investment Advisory; Dr. David Eifrig’s Retirement Millionaire and Retirement Trader; Dr. Steve Sjuggerud’s True Wealth; Dan Ferris’s Extreme Value; Matt Badiali’s Resource Report; and many more…

All of Stansberry’s services come with a generous trial period and money-back guarantee. Find out more at www.stansberryresearch.com.

 Money Map Press

Mike WardMoney Map Press, led by veteran publisher Mike Ward, works to uncover global moneymaking opportunities well before the mainstream media takes notice.

Whether it’s emerging markets in Latin America or established territories in Europe… across the globe in the Far East or right here in the West… commodities or currencies… booms or busts… its mission is always the same: to bring you high-profit breakthroughs from around the world.

Money Map’s service is anchored by four newsletters: Keith Fitz-Gerald’s flagship Money Map Report, Dr. Kent Moors’s Energy Advantage, Michael A. Robinson’s high-tech Nova-X Report, and Bill Patalon’s Private Briefing.

If you’re interested in learning how to profit from global-size shifts, we recommend taking a look at their work: www.moneymappress.com.

The Sovereign Society

Jeff Opdyke

The Sovereign Society was conceived in 1998 by a group of four uncompromising advocates of liberty and free markets, including executive editor Jeff Opdyke. They felt strongly that individuals are born sovereign over themselves, not as chattel of governments.

The Sovereign Society’s mission is to help readers live, work, invest and do business with a lower tax burden and better investment results. As life in the U.S. has become more restrictive, the editors have looked to international experts to help subscribers secure greater prosperity, privacy and financial freedom.

The Sovereign Society’s team of specialists focuses on tax and estate planning, dual citizenships, asset protection and second passports. They also work to uncover pockets of opportunity in areas of foreign currency, commodities, options and other investments.

Publications such as Jeff Opdyke’s Total Wealth Insider, Ted Bauman’s Sovereign Confidential, James Dale Davidson’s Strategic Investment, Chad Shoop’s Pure Income and several more…