Bill Bonner's Diary

How America Becomes a Police State

Is America currently a police state? Well, let’s see.

Behind the Mueller Distraction… a Hellish Catastrophe

Well… it won’t work... Never did. Never will.

Trump Has Found His “Stimulus Guy”

In the meantime… we watch, we wait, and we wonder what the hell is going on.

A Bomb Cyclone Is Headed for Stocks

This is a big subject… with many moving parts… so let’s go slowly. Step by step… piece by piece.

Why Modern Monetary Theory Will Destroy Money…

It’s nothing new. Just a more radical version of the economic fascism that’s dominated the U.S.

At Least in the Country, They Survive…

There’s a long, bumpy road ahead... But at least, we think we know where we’ll end up.

Three Reasons Why America Can’t Get a Grip

The first barely began… the second, not at all... And, finally, we come to reason No. 3...