Bill Bonner's Diary

Our Trip to Soviet Russia: A Cornucopia of Disaster

There were almost no choices available… and there was no way out… Every deal was win-lose.

How to Make Your “Embarrassing” Investments Pay Off

When you find an investment... you’d be embarrassed to talk about... you might just be onto something good.

What History Teaches Us About Socialism

World improvers don’t allow people to decide for themselves; they want to make the decisions themselves...

“It’s Disfigured, But Still Standing”…

A sad day in Paris... one of its most sacred and beautiful monuments caught fire.

Uncle Sam Takes More Than Taxes From the Middle Class

The feds always have an ace up their sleeves and a rabbit under their hats…

The Real Motivation for FacebookCoin

And the news is out... That’s how the company hopes to come out of its PR crisis intact.

What America’s Elite Have Planned for Your Money

No more trouble. No more strife. Oh, Lord, they’ve seen the light!