Bill Bonner's Diary

Elizabeth Warren and Donald Trump Are Not Real Capitalists

Real capitalists would drain the swamp and let open markets and win-win deals run free.

Global Authorities Aren’t Waiting for a Crisis to Move Toward More Debt

If you lock in tons of debt, you’ll still have it when the economy tanks and you can’t pay...

Fed’s Latest Intervention Feels Like 2008

The mainstream media will tell you why this story doesn’t matter. Don’t believe the tripe…

The Rich Will Be Scapegoats for the Next Financial Crisis

People don’t blame themselves for their misfortunes. They blame someone else…

China May Decide When the Next U.S. Financial Crisis Comes

What a twist! What a turn! What another fine mess we’ve gotten into!

Inflation Will Eliminate Excess Debt

The next go-round of inflation will solve the debt problem. The future is not all grim…

We Can’t “Grow Our Way Out” of Debt

Growing your way out of debt works only if the emergency passes and GDP grows faster than debt.