Bill Bonner's Diary

How Long Before SoftBank Blows Up Too?

What is the value of a fund that nurtures losers like WeWork?

This Year’s Winners of the Nobel Prize in Economics Didn’t Deserve It

We turn to the dark heart of academia… the economics department.

The Feds Add Liquidity to Sustain Economic Expansion

Neither markets nor economies will be able to retreat – not if the authorities can prevent it.

Index-Tracking Funds Could Burst the “Everything Bubble”

Flooding money into index-tracking funds is the pin that might burst the “everything bubble”…

The Feds Interfere in Markets and Multiply Corruption Opportunities

Speculators have made billions by systematically front-running the Federal Reserve…

The Fed Is Back to Robbing the Middle Class to Reward the Rich

More fake new dollars… debt… nutty booms… and terrifying busts.

Rigging the Federal Reserve Made the Rich Richer

The rich are so much richer today than they were 30 years ago… because they scammed the Fed.