Bill Bonner's Diary

Crash Alert

Crunch some numbers. Crunch them good and hard, so that even their own mothers wouldn’t recognize them.

Then He Handed Us an Envelope Full of Cash…

But as election day approached, the campaign grew more intense. Finally, we were given cash.

A Message From the Future: Thanks a Lot… You Jerks

We merely stand back and marvel at the gall… the conceit… the shameful... vanity of the living.

Conversations With a Ghost

Today, we have no jokes... Instead, we'll let the ghosts speak.

Here’s What Pops the “Everything Bubble”…

Within the everything bubble… there’s more… The true situation is actually worse.

Once a Gaucho… Always a Gaucho

Eight gauchos rode up… They dressed in traditional regalia, with their bombacho pants, chaps, boots, wide hats…

How the Feds Sedated American Capitalism

The feds took money from the public and gave it to the elite.