Bill Bonner's Diary

Donald Trump, Deep State Challenger or Friend?

Trump said he was the only one who could take on the Deep State. But he hasn’t stayed on key…

Is the Deep State Behind the Impeachment?

“Assassination,” scream the patriots. “Lynching,” says the president. What is really going on?

Trump Shouldn’t Take Credit for the Last Few Quarters of Economic Expansion

Trump didn’t cause the upswing… or the impending downswing… which he may get blamed for.

The European Central Bank Is an Aggressive Manipulator

It shouldn’t concern us who runs the ECB. But that was many yesterdays ago…

Being a Contrarian Is the Secret to Finding the Most Profitable Trades

When everyone else thinks you’re nuts… that’s a good thing.

Our Financial Situation Could Always Be Worse

Financial news brings more and more clouds. But who cares?

The Fed Must Offer More Repo Credit as More People Take It

The Federal Reserve vowed to do “whatever it takes” to keep the cash flowing…