Bill Bonner's Diary

Trump Encourages Spending Ahead of Next Election

The boneheads at the Fed enable the other government boneheads to spend money we don’t have…

Inflate-or-Die Traps Will Show up in Almost Every Economy

Everyone’s doing it – lower rates, deficits, etc. – so everyone HAS to do it to keep up.

Violence Can Make or Break Civilized Society

Only one thing leads to higher levels of civilized life: a relative absence of violence.

The U.S. Economy Is Just Waiting to Crash

The stock market topped out already. The Dow is a dead man walking… waiting to fall over.

Lessons From My Very First Gold Trade

Before you go chasing after gold moves, maybe take a look up in the sky first…

Markets Revert to the Mean Eventually

That which gets out of whack is likely to get back into whack, sooner or later.

Monetary Policy Won’t Preserve Economic Expansion

If lower interest rates are such a good idea, how come Japan and Europe are in worse shape than...