Bill Bonner's Diary

Here’s Why You Must Have Cash

Truth is, if you stay 100% invested all the time, you will consistently underperform the market.

The Financialization of the American Economy

It distorts an economy from using real using fake money to make more fake money.

The Real Reasons Stocks Go Up

Well... there, you see the problem as well as we do.

This Man Beats Wall Street “Whales” at Their Own Game

Today, we share part two of our 20-year Wall Street veteran's insights.

We’re Raising the Crash Flag

Pundits believe the bull market in stocks will live forever. Our guess is that they are wrong.

How This Wall Street Insider Predicted the Stock Market Rebound

It's not our usual beat at the Diary, but this expert's insights were too intriguing not to share.

Should Jesus Have Gone to College?

It’s grit and gumption that pay off; not college degrees.