Bill Bonner's Diary

How Mob Rule Comes to America

All it takes is a glance around the world to see... Not much has changed.

We’re Losing Our Originario “War”

Who are you, Dear Reader? Where do you fit in? If it’s obvious… You need to get out more.

Prepare for the Financial Volcanic Eruption

History doesn’t play favorites, though. Sometimes the volcano blows during the middle of your lunch hour...

“I’ve Never Seen Bill Bonner Get That Angry”

"You became the antagonist at the meeting. You leaned forward. You had both hands on the table..."

U.S. Stocks Are Playing Russian Roulette

It is like someone playing Russian roulette by himself, while you watch. He spins the chamber. He pulls the...

Your Valentine’s Day Required Reading

What did Jefferson find in the work of a man who had been dead for nearly 2,000 years that...

Do We Have a “Liberal Bias”?

You don’t need a “liberal bias” to see that Mr. Trump will not “make America great again”...