Bill Bonner's Diary

All Aboard the DebtBall Express

But wait, can nothing be done to prevent the coming train wreck? Why can’t debt just be “written off”?

Firebombs in Paris

“Thank God we don’t live in Paris or Argentina,” you might say to yourself. But that’s just the point;...

This Is the Next “Space Race”

The next Space Race will be an all-out race between the world's two great superpowers.

How Did She Survive Here?

Then, we noticed a figure behind a fence. It was an old woman. She peeked around the corner...

Capitalism Didn’t Fail America. We Failed Capitalism

It is a wicked world, Dear Reader. And wickedness takes on many shapes and disguises.

AOC’s “Solutions” Will Just Make Things Worse

They offer solutions to problems that don’t exist… and remedies that will just make the unfairness worse.

An Oasis in a Desolate Wilderness…

It's about 50 miles to the northeast, as the crow flies. But the crows are lucky... What more can...