Bill Bonner’s Diary

Why Everyone Is Wrong About Low Interest Rates

Bill Bonner, Chairman, Bonner & Partners, July 29, 2015

Hillary is taking the bull by the horns… and putting the knife between her teeth. She is a “take-charge” candidate and aims to let us know.

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Hillary Saves Capitalism!

Bill Bonner, Chairman, Bonner & Partners, July 28, 2015

What would the world do without well-intentioned, earnest, and intelligent public servants like Hillary Clinton? We don’t know. But we’d like to find out! Before we get to that… a quick market update.

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Blame the Fed for the Commodities Slump

Bill Bonner, Chairman, Bonner & Partners, July 27, 2015

When we left you at the end of last week the world was falling apart. As you know, the economy functions on electronic credit… not cold, hard cash. Without the banks pumping more credit into the system – by way of loans – it sags.

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Gold’s at a Five-Year Low: Here’s What to Do

Keith Fitz-Gerald, Chief Investment Strategist, Money Morning, July 25, 2015

Gold prices crashed Monday as panicked sellers drove the yellow metal to its lowest level since 2002 before recovering to a five-year low. More significantly, they broke the $1,130/oz. “floor,” which had previously been regarded as a solid support level – a key indicator to me that the downdraft wasn’t over.

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If You Own This Expensive Asset, It’s Time to Sell

Bill Bonner, July 24, 2015

When we woke up in the morning, the TransCanada had already heaved itself over the highest point in the Rockies. Gone were the dense forests of the East. Gone were the wide-open spaces of Saskatchewan and Alberta.

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What’s Really Killing Capitalism

Bill Bonner, Chairman, Bonner & Partners, July 23, 2015

Somewhere in British Columbia – “Do Not Hump” says the sign on the side of the boxcar. We had no idea why the Canadian Pacific Railway is putting its nose into our private lives. But the authorities are always trying to tell us what to do.

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We Are Now All Prisoners of the Information Age

Bill Bonner, Chairman, Bonner & Partners, July 22, 2015

Somewhere in Northern Alberta – “The train will stop for 20 minutes to take on water,” said a voice over the loudspeaker. We had been rolling for a day and a half.

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Onboard the TransCanada Railroad

Bill Bonner, Chairman, Bonner & Partners, July 21, 2015

Onboard the TransCanada – “Have you people ever run a train before?” Sarcasm seemed appropriate. It wasn’t plainly crass or vulgar. Just mildly insulting.

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