Bill Bonner’s Diary of a Rogue Economist

How the “Fed Boom” Ends

Bill Bonner, Chairman, Bonner & Partners, October 22, 2014

Source: Wikipedia Baltimore, Maryland You’ve got me turning up and turning down and turning in and turning ’round I’m turning Japanese I think I’m turning Japanese   – The Vapors Dear Diary, Are we all turning Japanese? For longtime Diary sufferers it’s a familiar question… We’ve been asking for almost 15 years – ever since we saw the US following in those Japanese footsteps, running from a big boom… to a big bust. It all started for us when we » Read Article

The Great Inflation Lie

Bill Bonner, Chairman, Bonner & Partners, October 21, 2014

Source: Wikimedia Dear Diary, That we live in an age of man-made wonders is beyond dispute. Painless root canals. Tinder. Central bank price controls. We were traveling hard over the last couple weeks. Somewhere along the way we picked up a cold, which dogged us from Vermont to Maryland’s Eastern Shore. But the security X-ray at Nashville International Airport seemed to finally knock it out. Global stocks have lost more than $3 trillion of their value so far this month. » Read Article

Poor Ron Paul…

Bill Bonner, Chairman, Bonner & Partners, October 20, 2014

Source: Wikimedia Dear Diary, Over the weekend, we were down in Nashville at the Stansberry Conference Series event, along with Ron Paul, Porter Stansberry, Jim Rickards and others. The question on the table: What’s ahead for the US? Ron Paul took up the question from a geopolitical angle. He told the crowd that the military-security industry had Congress in its pocket. As a result, we can expect more borrowing, more spending and more pointless and futile wars. They may be » Read Article

Get Ready for QE4

Bill Bonner, Chairman, Bonner & Partners, October 17, 2014

Source: Wikimedia Dear Diary, And how do you like that James Bullard? Stocks have barely begun to correct (the S&P 500 is down about 7% from its September high) and the St. Louis Fed president is already preparing for QE4. But where is the proof – from logic or experience – that QE pays off? It is a shame that quack philosophers, politicians and central bankers are not subject to penalty. After all, bridge builders and hedge fund managers suffer » Read Article

The Most Dangerous Market Since 2008

Bill Bonner, Chairman, Bonner & Partners, October 16, 2014

Saint Petersburg, Russia. Source: Flickr Dear Diary, The Dow ended the session down 173 points yesterday, after falling more than 300 points during the day. Press reports told us that investors were worried about weak US consumer sales and falling producer prices. Combined with falling crude oil prices, these make it look as though a European-style slump is coming to the whole world. But what did you expect? It is autumn. The days dwindle down… life closes in on you. » Read Article

Before You Put a Cent in Stocks Read This

Bill Bonner, Chairman, Bonner & Partners, October 15, 2014

Source: Wikipedia Dear Diary, The Dow Transports managed a bounce yesterday. The Dow Industrials just couldn’t get in the mood. They ended the day with a small decline. From financial commentator Wolf Richter: 80% of the stocks in the Russell 3000 [a good proxy for the entire US stock market] are 10% or more below their highs, according to Bloomberg. Many of them have gotten demolished. Some have gone bankrupt as the appetite for high-risk debt at these low yields » Read Article

The Market’s Knockout Punch Is Still to Come

Bill Bonner, Chairman, Bonner & Partners, October 14, 2014

Source: Wikimedia Publisher’s note: It’s Will Bonner here, publisher of the Diary. Dad is at a conference today and can’t write his regular update. So, here’s a piece from the archives that explains why the Fed’s attempt to rescue the economy is doomed to fail… and why real pain for stock and bond investors is yet to come. The Market’s Knockout Punch Is Still to Come The Fed’s EZ money policies will either succeed or fail. Either way, it will » Read Article

This Will Mean 10 Years of Stock Market Losses

Bill Bonner, Chairman, Bonner & Partners, October 13, 2014

Source: Wikimedia Dear Diary, New England is stunning this time of year. Just what you’d expect. The leaves turn brown, yellow and red, putting on their best outfits and strutting their stuff in the cool autumn air. Autumn, especially in New England, is the loveliest time of the year. The sun barely clears the tops of the trees, even at noon. The light, filtered through the colored leaves, gives the earth the rich and heavy air of a funeral parlor. » Read Article

Forget ISIS… This Is the REAL Threat to America

Byron King, Editor, Military-Tech Alert, October 11, 2014

Editor’s Note: The mainstream media is focused on the battle against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. But according to military technology expert Bryon King, the real threat to America is from a much more dangerous – and largely hidden – enemy. And as Byron explains below, a big bump in defense spending will be needed if America is to protect against this new threat… Forget ISIS… This Is the REAL Threat to America By Byron King, Editor, Military-Tech Alert The » Read Article

A Major Move Lower for Stocks

Bill Bonner, Chairman, Bonner & Partners, October 10, 2014

Source: Pixabay Dear Diary, Wow! Dow down 334 yesterday. Talk about volatility. Things are getting interesting. Meanwhile, what’s wrong with the Bowery? We search high and low. We can’t find a bum or an alcoholic. The area no longer looks anything like the old down-and-out Bowery of the 1960s and 1970s. Everywhere you look you see the latest fashions… chic New Yorkers… and $600-a-night hotel rooms. Last night at dinner, our companion nodded toward a nearby table and said, “Look, » Read Article

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